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PT-1900 Silshield® Laminating Film

Product introduction

• Optical transparent polyester film with ultra-high light transmittance

• Double-layer release film structure with excellent smoothness

• High-quality permanent adhesive | Transparent pressure-sensitive type

• Thickness of the use layer is 35um

• Suitable for cold lamination protection of pictures to prevent scratches

• Economical and practical type

Performance characteristics


product structure


Application area

Protection for weather resistance and scratch resistance for printed images, nameplates, etc.

technical parameter
Packaging Specifications

To our valued customers, ggaea-meilleur provides flexible support and services.

We not only offer roll materials but also provide customized sizes according to the customer's needs.

Our mission is to provide the most professional functional film solutions to help customers succeed in their fields.

Installation and Maintenance

The surface of the substrate to be adhered should be treated before construction to avoid oil stains and dust.

The ambient temperature during construction should be above 10 degrees Celsius.

Extreme environmental conditions will reduce the service life of the product.


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