The company is located in Qingdao West Coast Marine Equipment Industrial Park, with a registered capital of 20 million. It is committed to providing high-quality overall film solutions for domestic and foreign rail transit industries and high-end construction fields, including thermal insulation film, explosion-proof film, anti-graffiti film, Laminating machine, etc. Our products are widely used in high-speed rail, subway, light rail, and intercity trains.

Our goal is to replace foreign brands and help China's rail transit industry realize the localization of key materials; and be able to export membrane products to rail transit manufacturing and maintenance industries around the world. Our mission is to provide customers with the most professional overall solutions to help them succeed in their fields. To become one of the best, continuous growth and respected companies in the sub-industry and to work hard to improve the happiness of employees in both material and spiritual aspects.

company culture:
Create a respectful work environment
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Everyone is an entrepreneur

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