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Established in 2017, Ggaea-Meilleur has become a leading manufacturer of innovative films, specializing in the rail transit industry and related fields. Silshield® has developed a range of high-quality film products that have exceeded expectations worldwide, from mainland China to Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Our extensive range of films caters to various applications, including safety and security films, anti-graffiti films, multi-layer anti-graffiti films, protection films for PC boards, anti-fog films, noise-canceling films, tinting films, CastShield® exterior casting grade wrap films, LySee® interior finish films, Spall-free® anti-spalling films, and GGAEA® safety tapes.

All of our products and solutions are engineered based on our core competencies in functional coating, base film, adhesives, and advanced precise coating machines. This enables us to design products that meet the evolving needs and performance expectations of our industrial customers.

Silshield®,  Innovation for the future.



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