GGAEA®i-11 Easy clean Anti-slip Tape (Black)

Product introduction

GGAEA®i-11 Easy clean Anti-slip Tape (Black) 

至亚® i-11易洁型防滑贴(黑色)


传统的防滑贴采用金刚砂粒面,虽然防滑系数高, 但是因为表面粒子的微结构容易藏污纳垢,不易清洁,还容易挂住抹布、拖把上的纤维。
同时我们非常重视材料整体的环保性能和耐用性能。采用PET基材,不含PVC, 尺寸稳定性、耐燃性能、环保性能和适用寿命等都大幅度提升。


It is clearly stipulated in domestic and foreign workplace technical regulations that indoor floors must be skid resistant and easy to clean.
Traditional anti-slip tape with abrasive particles has great anti-slip coefficient, but in the mean time, hard to clean due to its micro-structure.
Facing this kind of pain from customers, GGAEA Lab+ change the surface particle to round bead creatively. This new type of anti-slip tape
passed R11 anti-skid level according to the German standard DIN51130, and what’s more importantly, it is very easy to clean.
We also put great emphasis on the eco-friendly PET base and adhesion selection.
The flammability feature, dimensional stability and weather resistance is greatly enhanced.

Performance characteristics

GGAEA® i-11

Anti-slip Tape

- Easy to clean

- R11 (Accorrding to DIN 51130)

- PET base ( 0 PVC)

product structure
Application area


品质卓越 , 广泛应用于室内楼梯踏步、斜坡、轨道机车踏板、逃生门 、健身器材、站台 、甲板等区域。

Application Area:

The quality is superior. It is widely used in rail transit throughway, escape door, train and subway platform,
stair stepping, construction machinery, maintenance vehicles, operation platform, fitness equipment, deck and etc.

technical parameter


Packaging Specifications

母卷 1.22米*18.3米,可以根据客户要求定制不同的宽度和长度、形状



Installation and Maintenance

- Carefully prepare the substrate surface, avoid oil and dust

- The ambient temperature of the film should be above 10 degrees Celsius

- Extreme environmental conditions can reduce the service life of products

- 在施工前需要被贴物表面进行处理,避免油污、灰尘


- 极端的环境条件会降低产品的使用寿命


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